Hello to all my loyal readers well guess what. Now it is 9:25 p.m. and they told me at 7:46 p.m. that my pizza was on its way. Well maybe it was on its way from Alaska or something and not just TWELVE BLOCKS AWAY LIKE IT SAYS ON THE MAP. But anyway I called them and the person answered and he said “Oh I just remembered we don’t deliver to your address so I have to cancel your order.” Yeah right nice try DOMINOS. You have lied because you have delivered here before. Plus why does it take you THREE HOURS to tell me that you do not deliver here and why the first time I called did you tell me it was ON ITS WAY?

Sounds like instead of a PIZZA company you should call yourselfs a LYING company.


Hey to all my many readers guess what I have called Dominos 9 times. 7 times no one answered. One time someone did answer and “put me on hold” aka he hung up on me. Then the most recent time someone answered and said my pizza was “on its way right now.” That was more than 30 minutes ago. The Dominos is 12 blocks away from me. I could have walked there and back TWICE in the time it has taken them to drive over. Something is FISHY here. And it is not anchovies LOL. I do not order anchovies.

Anyway Dominos still sucks. My pizza is still not here. Hello Dominos what are you doing?

Also submit all your stories in the comments and I will feature them on my blog. Once my blog site is a big success we will use the profits to buy Dominos and fire all their employees and then we will demolish all their buildings and we will put dog parks where the buildings used to be because dogs should have more parks. And the world should have less Dominos.

Hello to all my many readers. Maybe you do not no but Dominos sucks. That is why I have created this blog, the most prestigious website about pizza ever made. Hey Dominos why do u call urselves a PIZZA restaurant if you do not deliver a pizza huh? That does not sound like a pizza restaurant to me.

I have ordered from you and it says on your PIZZA TRACKER that you have already delivered the pizza to me and I am enjoying it, but there is no pizza here and I am definitely not ENJOYING it so sounds like your pizza tracker is lying. So in addition to not being a pizza restaurant you are liars. Also how come when I call your “restaurant” no one answers the phone? At resterants which are real (UNLIKE DOMINOS!!1!) people answer the phone when you call because they are called EMPLOYEES which u do not have aparrently. 

Dominos sucks. I will be around to speak truth to power for a long time.